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\n\n\nTech Webcast Episode 16 IS HERE\nthis is brought to you by Dylan combs\nhttp://dylan.combs.tv\n\nON Episode 16\n\nWe talk about johns his new video podcast\nhttp://www.techconclave.com/\n\nwe talk about geek with glasses\nhttp://geekwithglasses.net/\nwe talk about app for iphone/ipod touch\nhttp://myappcompany.com/ it called Hot Radar\n\nemail us at techwebcast@gmail.com\nfollow us twitter.com/techwebcast\ncheck out our\nblogs\nhttp://www.bradsblog.org/\nhttp://www.johnraul.com/\nhttp://www.techconclave.com/\nhttp://techwebcast.info/\n\n