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It was such a pleasure sharing an hour with this fabulous bunch of tech folk. I look forward to the next time. The educated chatter was refreshing but also the effort they go to to bring a variety of opinions and knowledge and guests to their audience. Coverage of tech news is wide spread as well I would never have thought to talk about smoke detectors that link to mobile apps. These guys really do love all things tech, not just the hype like Google Glass (although that does feature in this episode Thanks for taking the time guys, you’re all very special.Shanelle Clapham

I loved being on Brads show and he does a great consistent podcast.Chris Voss

I love each time I get to be on Techwebcast, and I love listening. While the updates on tech news are great, the interplay between Brad and Jacob is my favourite :PThanks for having me on the shows, looking forward to doing it again soon!Hanna Silver

Techwebcast is the place where I go to listen to people passionate about tech.Robert Scoble

It’s Australian and it’s tech. Always an interesting guest from the technology scene every week. Check out the previous podcasts to get an idea of the calibre of their guests. Great stuff guys!Vincent Brown

Great podcast Brad and John plus everyone else who is on the podcast, I usually don’t listen to podcasts but this is great its always interesting and most of the time has new guests which is great. Good work keep it up man.Bilsta57

I’ve been a guest on the podcast a couple of times and the guys who put it together are always well researched about any subject that comes up. A good source of tech info including games, music, and more for any Aussie, or tech fan.Jason “Jabba” Davis.

Tech Webcast is an interesting podcast with tech news and interview with tech podcasters. Brad, John and Jason chat about the latest in computers, the internt and technology weekly. Subscribe now! You know you want to! 🙂@WauloK

Quite enjoyable podcast about tech news. I suggest it. – Mornnb

Like the Podcast Keep up the Good work! – Samuel Faunt

Techwebcast is great to listen to has different guest on most of hte time and i my self are on from time to time ol I don’t say much but have a good listen and if I have something to say I’ll put in my opinions in it’s all good. – Boomer19872201

Great show love it! – Michaelaustcc

The reason I listen is they have a different guest each week. It’s great to hear other tech show hosts, tech junkies or tech enthusiasts lining up to appear on this show. Well done guys. – Zoannnon.

It’s a great podcast, listen to it all the time.Miloguy

Always interesting interviews, keep up the good work! – Angelspice

Great podcast, entertaining hosts, interesting guests, I highly recomment checking it out!

I keep looking forward to tuning into Techwebcast, it’s very imformative, if you need to know anything about technology, you can guarantee they wil speak about it. I have learnt so much from the show, I have become very astute and confident at understanding and using the latest technology. Thank you Techwebcast! Your show is awesome! – Bafferly.

Great podcast with all the latest tech news. 🙂 u guys rock!Zara Rose

Love catching up on the latest tech news each week! – Reebdoog.

An often extensive cast of tech enthusiasts discuss the latest in tech. Brad’s a character and his energy keeps the show going each week.Bogus Jimmy.

I really dig this podcast. Fun, informative, great hosts and fine guests. Check it out. – DiRK ViLE.

Very informative learnt so much.Janolly.

It was terrific to be invited on Techwebcast and getting involved in some of the great interviews. Brad, Andrew, Jody, Jennifer and Jacob have a great knowledge of technical, computer and television issues. There have been some wonderful guests on the show as well, who know their field extremely well. This is a wonderful show for anyone interested in technology or television including streaming. It is the most fun you could have on a Saturday with some great topics discussed with a great bunch of people. Belinda Demy-Geroe

It’s such a pleasure to hang out with the team at Tech Webcast. Their passion for all things technology is infectious and diverse- it’s great to chat about gear I’m already using and gear I’ve never even heard of before! They keep me updated on new and emerging stories and always welcome my nerdy opinions. It’s not just Australian, it’s world wide, and that’s awesome!@rarelyupdated Youtube Channel Jessica Hutchinson

Dear Techwebcast Team, It was my pleasure to participate in your event today. Thank you for the salient questions and upbeat feel of your show. It was great! I look forward to participating anytime in the future and wish you all the very best. Cheers!Darryl Reeves Director http://www.aussiemegamall.com/