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Techwebcast Episode 286

\r\n\r\nHosts Brad, Steve, Jenn Jacob jody mark & paul. \r\nThis week we chat Julia Roy Check out her website \r\nWe also have tech news of the past week Follow us on Twitter: @Techwebcast Subscribe to the podcast through Feedburner\r\niPhone

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Techwebcast Episode 233

\r\nHosts Brad Andrew Bily Jody Jacob Steve.\r\nThis week, we chat with Yifat Cohen\r\nCheck out Her website\r\nWe also have tech news of the past week\r\nFollow us on Twitter @Techwebcast\r\nSubscribe to the podcast through Feedburner\r\n\r\n\r\n-TWC

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Techwebcast Episode 212

\r\nHosts Brad Jody Pam Steve Jason.\r\nThis week we chat with Zach Reiner from timbre app\r\ncheck out the site\r\nwe also chat with Dominique Spanos.\r\nwe discuss some news as well.\r\nhave a listen\r\nfollow us on twitter\r\n@techwebcast \r\n\r\nDownload and listen\r\n\r\n-TWC

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Techwebcast Video EP178

\r\nHosts: Brad, Jason Oakley, Steve Clingham, Jody Raines. News: Goodbye Android Market, Hello Google Play. ‘Fear is in the ranks’: Anonymous hurt by arrests but hard to kill. ‘We are in a post-PC world’: former Microsoft visionary writes off home

Merry Xmas from Techwebcast

\r\n\r\nMerry Xmas from techwebcast 🙂 thank you too all of you who listen to the show over past 2 years We be back in 2012 jan 7th\r\n-twc