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\r\n\r\nHosts Brad Daryl Faith Jacob Jenn.\r\n\r\nThis week we chat with Jason Snell.\r\nCheck out His Website \r\nhttps://sixcolors.com/about/\r\n\r\nShow Notes \r\nGoogle launches Chrome beta for iOS with 3D Touch support\r\n\r\nApple Watch 2 development reportedly underway ahead of 2016 release\r\n\r\nA single malicious Chrome link …

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\r\nHosts Andrew Brad,Steve,Jody Mark.\r\nThis week we chat with Jason Snell\r\nCheck out his Website.\r\nhttp://www.intertext.com/blog/ \r\nhttp://5by5.tv/ \r\nhttp://www.theincomparable.com/\r\nWe also have tech news of the past week\r\nFollow us on Twitter: @Techwebcast\r\nSubscribe to the podcast through Feedburner\r\nhttp://www.committocommunitytv.org.au/\r\niPhone and iPad\r\n\r\n-TWC

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