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\r\nDavid is a author and expert on social media services and business. Also talk about Facebooks acquiring Instagram photo service.\r\nCHECK IT OUT !!..\r\n-TWC

\r\n\r\ncheck it out !!\r\nTalk to Brian Maxwell of Insanely Great Mac Scott from a music streaming site.\r\n=TWC

\r\ncheck it out :)\r\n-TWC

\r\n\r\nHosts: Brad, Jason Oakley, Steve Clingham and Jody Raines. Guest: Brad Newman from News: PayPal launches mobile payment device. New iPad’s ‘4G’ marketing questioned. Telstra pips Apple for new iPad customers\r\n\r\n-TWC

\r\nHosts: Brad, Jason Oakley, Steve Clingham, Jody Raines. News: Goodbye Android Market, Hello Google Play. ‘Fear is in the ranks’: Anonymous hurt by arrests but hard to kill. ‘We are in a post-PC world’: former Microsoft visionary writes off home …

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